The Nation That Cried Wolf- 101 Lies We tell Everyday

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To the Shopkeeper – I have no change

To the Teacher – The computer ate my assignment

To the Friend who keeps calling – Tinkoo tell him I am in the washroom

To the guest who comes at odd times – Pinkoo tell him I am not home

To the Servant/Masi – No my saas gave me these clothes Sajida, I can`t give them to you

To the boss when we get late – I was stuck in traffic since Fajr

To the Traffic Police Warden – I don`t have change

To Mommy – “…but he pushed me first”

To Bushra – You look sooo pretty

To KESC – We donot know what electricity looks like anymore!

KESC guy back to us – Expected time 1 hour sir

To everyone – This is a Yahoodi conspiracy, Pakistan will be broken up into pieces for RAW, CIA and Mossad

To your blog readers- This article contains a list of 101 lies

Seriously what`s wrong with us!? And then we shout and cry, burn cars and buildings saying “Down with Amreeka” “Down with Israel” and cook up conspiracy theories about how the world is out to get us (“maybe they are”- stage whisper) because (wait for it-drumroll*) “The Qilla (fortress) of Islam”!!(no seriously say that again and this time with a serious face). Honestly who would waste time destroying us, when we are pretty self-sufficient at that (if nothing else) ourselves . We are nothing but a bunch of crooks that would probably pick the pocket of the hand that was lending us money in the first place. That, dear reader, is the state of our sorry selves. And the root cause of all our problems is that we are a nation of liars, make that pack of liars, as we aren’t even fit to be called a “nation” yet. Never do we think twice about breaking the law, taking bribes, cheating, stealing, wasting official resources and the list goes on…because we know at the end of the day we can lie our way through. Seriously if lying were a paid profession, the Rupee would be 110 Euros and not the other way around right now. Remember the song we used to sing as kids: Liar! Liar!pants on fire!? Well literally the nation`s pants are on fire now cz the country is burning in the aftermath of our deeds, as shall we burn in the hell-fire in the here-after, (morbid yes, but true) . In Surah Mohammad(s) Allah says:

“……And Allah is Self- Sufficient, and it is you that are needy. And if you turn your backs, He will bring in your stead a people other than you, then they will not be like you”

The Prophet (S) said:

“The signs of the hypocrite are three: when he speaks, he lies, when he makes a promise he breaks it, and when he is entrusted with something he breaks that trust.” (al-Bukhaari, Muslim)

And we all know where the hypocrites will end up! We need to do some major soul-searching asap.

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17 Comments to "The Nation That Cried Wolf- 101 Lies We tell Everyday"

  1. Shafaque Khan says:

    That’s so true .. Unfortunately I Liked it although its a shame upon us … 🙁 !!!

  2. Maheen says:

    Aa..honestly, this is such a sore topic with me these days…and for the past few days I have just been noticing how our children are picking up lies from us..Inherently, they dont know how not to speak the truth, but they are fast learning from the elders around them.. ‘Chalo jani! lets go to sleep…Everyone’s going to bed (haalanke every1 is having a nice time outside)’..U dont want your child to go to a certain room…’wahan bhaooo hai!’.. And then we wonder how did she develop the fear of darkness & bhaoo!…And I can go on & on…And ironically we think these are really smart parenting techniques! Absolute lies! this is what they are…

  3. Jelly B. says:

    we also keep on lying because we are encouraged to lie! How many of us have the guts to refuse to meet smbody at the door or at the phone, when we have a genuine excuse for not being able to attend to them? if we say it to them that sorry we cannot see you at this moment, you’ll never see that person’s face again. Can we tell our friend or relative that we cannot speak to them at the moment and they must leave us now? if you do, they’ll speak ill of you forever and will never want to see you again. What can you say to a beggar who keeps belling again and again at your house, is a professional beggar , and bells at odd times when you’re ill parents are resting.. would you still go attend them?

    My point is, that we must start this social trend of excusing oursleves in courtesy , NOT by lying but by being courteous to excuse the other person who is asking to be excused. And we must get back to them when our engagement is over so that they know we were not deliberately trying to avoid them.:)

  4. malo says:

    aameen^:)insha`Allah, this giant no longer slumbers as it used to…

  5. iqra says:

    super like!!! if only all of us could actually take into account such minor faults of ours as well!!:(

  6. malo says:

    you hit the nail on the head saadia!

  7. saadia says:

    ufff simpky puy bt honestly said v neglect the building blocks of selfdestruction and blame our vices on others!!

  8. malo says:

    Our problem is one of spirituality.
    If a man comes to speak to me about
    the reforms to be undertaken in the
    Muslim world, about political strategies
    and of great geo-strategic plans, my
    …first question to him would be whether
    he performed the dawn prayer in its time

    – Said Ramadan, son of Hassan al Banna

    true sarah,and this is what your comment reminded me of-_-

  9. Sarah says:

    a very well put-together argument Malo! for all those pseudo-enlightened people who think “such petty” issues aren’t worth spending time over. Our morality is going down the drain with the rapidity proportional to our “advancement” in “broad-mindedness” (if that’s a word O.o)

  10. malo says:

    thank you everyone:) Allah is the source of all good:) and may we begin to make the small changes we need to make, i sometimes think of it as brushing off some specks here n there, ok maybe not specks, kinda like huge gaping holes;d

  11. sidra says:

    hard to admit bt truthfully n articulately done =)

  12. Maria Iqbal says:

    You couldn’t put it up any better!!! Wonderfully written girl!! Pakistani’s once need to go through this… may be.. they’ll be ashamed for a moment or so.. and realize.. its no talibaan or america or any third party.. its us!! who’re destroying our existence with our words, deeds and our own two hands by using them for fulfilling our needs by being un fair to rest!! we’ve forgotten the basic simple rules and regulations of being a Muslim even if not a very good one…
    I absolutely agree to each and every single word you said..!!

  13. saliha says:

    u r ryt yara… v as a nation…or as u said v cant b called a “nation” , so as a bunch lack Honesty… jis ko jahan moka milta hai wo wahan hand karta hai…. but still i wd say that there is ‘something’ (i dont know what) bt something that is still keeping us going… there is some good out there somewhere…. So i wish God keeps that alive!!
    well done!! 🙂

  14. *super-like* ♥
    well said, masha’Allah!!! 🙂

  15. Momina says:



  16. Ali says:

    Very nice article. A severe yet very common evil we do in our society!

  17. Hina says:


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