The Day I Got Stepped On By a Horse

I have beautiful feet! I honestly do! At least I used to have them, until they got stepped on. My story begins when one fine day, our university decided to take us to the sea. The day was particularly exciting for me as it was the first time I was going to see the sea (ey that rhymes). So it was that I got on the bus armed with two things, my happiness and my beautiful feet. What follows is what happened to those two when I got there. So it came about that three of us friends were strolling leisurely on the beach enjoying the combination of wet feet and sweaty foreheads when suddenly out of the horizon rode out this rider, straight-backed, majestic stature, powerful horse. He came riding towards us. Ahh! I sighed dreamily; my knight in shining armor hath arrived! You’ll be my knight in shining armor • Shining so bright I can hardly see • The sunlight because of thee But wait, what’s this? The knight has a beard!!?? AND he looks ironically like the fat guy in the TV series “The sword of Tipu Sultan”. But Tipu Sultan wearing a shirt that says “I scored last night” excusez moi senor?? Closer inspection. Oh Lord! It was just a university guy on a horse. AND WHAT was wrong with the man running behind the horse. Why was he making such a racket? “Piche piche ho jao, ghora dewana hogaya, side maro baji” (step aside sister! the horse has gone berserk!) Oh great! The horse was out of control. The three of us scampered away like the three-not-so-little mice. Have you ever wondered why there are so many threesomes in fairytales? Like the three little mice, the three musketeers, the three little pigs, Goldilocks and the three bears. But I transgress, back to the story. Anyways we managed to escape. But alas! To my dismay, although I managed to escape my foot did not. The darn guy albeit horse and all stepped on it and marred its beautiful face forever. We all know that beauty is a binary thing, either you have it or you don’t, I no longer had it. Being students of physics we know that some things like voltage and current are directly proportional. Being profound thinkers (ya ryt!) we absolutely know that inner happiness is directly proportional to outer beauty. So to put it bluntly when beauty was marred, happiness was scarred and hence endeth this sad tale of “the day I got stepped on by a horse”.

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8 Comments to "The Day I Got Stepped On By a Horse"

  1. malo says:

    hehe sid, lets just say i twisted facts for the purpose of this article 😉 or maybe i secretly believe that 😀

  2. sidra says:

    isaid objective. its kinda obvious bt i meant subjective =P my mistake

  3. sidra says:

    beauty is a binary thing, either you have it or you don’t,

    do u mean this as a universal truth or specifically with reference to da context…… cz i always thought/think beauty is objective u know : ”beauty lies in the eyes of da beholder” =P

    bt otherwise lovd da way u told da story 🙂

  4. Mahwish says:

    So wats the lesson…not make fun a.k.a point out ppl with lesser beautiful feet..=P

  5. malo says:

    yep iqri for real:D i wrote this reallllly long ago,back then i put up before n after pics which well i dont know where they went:D n kulsoom maybe it was you;) since this happend on 1st uni picnic:D haha

  6. shiza says:

    i dont believe this 😛

  7. Umme Kulsoom says:

    Dude! When did this happen? 😀 haha. But I feel sorry for your foot yar. And who was the fella that made the horse behave that way 😉 I am curious now.

  8. iqra says:

    Lol!good one!but dont kill me for asking ;p was it for real?!? :O

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