Welcome Stranger!

If you disdain the “ordinary”, look down upon “blending in”, if you always stick out in a crowd like a unicorn in pakpattan, if you`ve been called weird names and have laughed outright or smiled inside, then you, my friend, are in the right place!

So enter stranger, for here you`re welcome!

“One man’s insanity is another man’s vision.”

-“One man`s terrorist is another man`s freedom fighter”

– “The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity.”- Rollo May

-” I’m going to improvise. Listen, there’s something you should know about me… about inception. An idea is like a virus, resilient, highly contagious. The smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define you or destroy you.”- Inception

“Islam began as something strange, and it shall return to being something strange, so give glad tidings to those who become strangers <in society>.”-Prophet Mohammad<s.a.w>

Who are we?We are Malo & Fizz!

-Fizz: Our Canadian based sometime-blogger who thinks his sarial-ness can be classified as cynicism.
-Malo: Our Paki based blogger,who thinks her bubbly side can be taken as,well cute.

*Disclaimer: The name is NOT an exercise in self-obsession by me(Malo) but a license to Fizz for doing lesser work around here 😛

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16 Comments to "Welcome Stranger!"

  1. abu maaz says:

    Asa respected Ones
    happened to read your few of articles. awesome thoughts wrapped up in beautiful chain of words filled with deeper feelings of heart…seems its all heart out…seems that your “Elders” have made your heart feel the essence of tears of Ishq and ikhlas, Zikar and Fikar. Your articles “the beloved” and “to love” specially are not the words Only. Reader feels the degree of attachment of the writer to the ‘Zaat’ he /she is discussing about.
    اللھم تقبل منکم واجعلکم من المقربین و الصالحین
    If possible for you, can you share details of your Elders who put you on this Path? or whose company has blessed you with touch of impact?
    may not publish my comment or filter it as you like.

    kind regards

    • malo says:

      wsa wr
      jazakumullah for your kind words and taking out time to read. “The Beloved” is actually an Excerpt from ‘Conference of the Books: The Search for Beauty in Islam”.

  2. Tayyab says:

    I don’t remember that how I reach to “Malonama” but I just want to say that hats off to you guys. You people are doing a great job. your writing style is awesome. Keep it up guys.

  3. Fayaz Pasha says:

    Dear FizzMalo,
    As Salamualaykum,

    While I was browsing Sister Sadaf’s Blog, I happened to get a link of your blog and just read a few of the beautiful posts.

    You are doing a very good job by educating the masses utilizing the media and that is the need of the hour for us Muslims to spread the Islamic Education as much as possible.

    With Warm Regards,

    • malo says:

      wsa wr wb!

      Jazak`Allah khairun katheera for your kind words:) Allah is the source of all good.

      Please do visit again and keep sharing.

      Warm Regards

  4. aamir says:


    I saw your blog and am impressed by your knowledge and affinity to Islam. Although I am Muslim , but now a days utterly confused while understanding some teachings of our deen

    I want to share some of my questions/apprehensions regarding Islamic rules with you and would like to seek your opinion over them. Please let me know where can i send my queries ( if you are available and willing to respond that is )



    • malo says:

      asa wr wb.

      You may contact us via the facebook page. Please inbox us on it. However we must warn you, we aren`t scholars, but maybe insha`Allah we can direct you to the right people. and Allah is the source of all good. Make sincere du`a before you set out on your search for the truth insha`Allah. Here is the link to the page btw:

      Malo & Fizz
      The Malonama Team

  5. Laiba Ehsan says:

    You describe the Events and Issues very well, this is very fine and impressive!

  6. Shayan says:

    Hey malo. I need ur help.:p
    I want u to talk to a friend of mine, xyz. PLZZZZ!
    Give her dawah.
    I know u dont know me but it ll be a huge favour.:p
    Jazak Allah khair.

    • malo says:

      wsa wr wb Shayan

      flattered you think us worthy enough, but we aren`t scholars. HOWEVER we would like to do what we can=)

      On a side note we hope your friend asked you to contact us? if so, tell her to contact us, use the facebook page (inbox), i`m sure it`ll be easier for her=)

      Barakalluhu Feeh

  7. Anjum says:

    Anjum Shahzad


    Solitude can be defined as being with self with no noise of lusts/wants/disturbances or anything which comes between U & Ur heart/soul; when u r with urslef… It does’nt have to do with sitting alone but within where u can b 2gether.. with nothing pulling u away,, it can be when u r alone & or r in the Rush of the World..

    Aristotle’s famous quotes include,
    “Whosoever is delighted in solitude
    is either a wild beast or a god.”

    Love for solitude obviously proves
    a preference for one’s own company,
    and this is something
    not everyone is capable of…

    Most people flee from their selves
    towards friends, into groups and crowds.

    Silence in solitude stills the mind,
    rendering heart/mind fit for Divine worship/love.. and all U ARE/WANT 2BE..

    I would unhesitatingly recommend
    periodic spells of solitude and silence,
    as a great tranqilizer and rejuvenator …2 worship/love/be urself..

  8. Anjum says:

    Harmonizing Heart & Brain through Love (Allah G that HE IS LOVE,ALL&ONLY LOVE) is what can establish a complete/Guidance/Track/Intelligence; a COMPLETE SELF.. where a PERSON can look at life & realize there r no dead ends,there re always possibilities…. The greatest gift a SOUL can give 2 another SOUL/PERSON during all the ups and downs of life is LOVE..
    You’ll discover that real love is Millions of miles past falling in Love with anyone or anything. When u make that one effort to feel COMPASSION instead of Blame or Self-Blame,the HEART Opens again & continues opening..Our True Identity is 2 LOVE without Fear & Insecurity. Our higher potential finds us when we set our course in that direction. The Power of LOVE&Compassion transforms insecurity..
    LOVE is not automatic.It takes conscious Practice & Awareness&DUA..;just like playing the Piano or Golf…However, U hav Ample Opportunities 2 PRACTICE..Everyone U meet can b Ur PRACTICE SESSION..


  9. Wajahat Ali Shah says:

    Aoa !
    U r doing very good job . keep it up.

  10. malo says:

    thanku aiasha api! =)

  11. Aiasha Amir says:

    welcome to the club.

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