When The Clouds Spoke

-This is a guest post by a writer who wishes to remain anonymous- “And how many Signs in the heavens and the earth do they pass by? Yet they turn (their faces) away from them!” (Surah Yusuf, ayah 105) Clouds fascinate me. Rather, I’m obsessed with them. Whenever I step outside, I love to observe […]

Dear Sister!

Dedicated to a Very Dear Friend, You Know Who You Are. My dear sister! Know that you leave me distressed, that my heart weeps for you! Know that when you cry, I cry!  Oh my sister! We may be far but know that I feel your hurt, your pain is mine! That your tears fall […]

The Blanket of Serenity

*Guest Post By Rumysa Hussain Owner/Designer at Noura* I found myself breathing the crisp autumn breeze as I stood there in awe, smiling at the lush greens, bright oranges, crisp yellows, and dark reds that surrounded me.  Glory be to Him, it was a moment I did not want to let go of. I love autumn. […]

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