Happily Ever After?Daddy`s Bank Account Begs to Differ

This is a guest post by Sarah Ahmad. The writer has done her MBA from University of Peshawar and is an avid reader of all things readable (yes, soap wrappers ARE readable :p) and a not so prolific writer (regrettably so) of everything writeable. The writer takes an active interest in culinary arts and feels like a pretentious fool writing about herself in third person.

Yes, it is the Rapid Fire round!

(No, it is not Koffee with Karan)

So what comes to your mind when I say these words?
1. Ceiling?
2. Apple?
Doctor! (An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away, nai?)
3. Extravagance?
Weddings! (No??? ok maybe I forced this in, to set the stage for my write up :p ‘Politicians’ counts as correct too :p)
So my sister got married last December and whenever our utility bills arrived, everyone would say ‘just you wait for the December bills!’ That really made my father look forward to the blessed month! (He was aware there won’t be any surprise gifts from PESCO or SUI Northern or even PTCL btw).Utility bills are the least of miseries attached to this ‘most important day of their lives’ with them earning nothing and spending as if they earned it all!
However parents, in their efforts to out-do all others, load trucks and lorries and vans and even an occasional donkey cart with the “JAHEZ”

Because ‘The more, the merrier’
(Merrier being the larkay walay and more being supplied by the larki walay and yet these are people who cry when daughters are born). But I digress surely, let’s resume our game:
4. Marriage?


Ok, Sorry! Um Happiness?

Yeah! That’s better!
5. Bride?

To be explicit, a ‘DESIGNER JORAA’ that nobody has ever worn or seen or even thought of and one that will outshine Cinerella’s and Diana’s and Kate Middleton’s combined and will mesmerize everyone and fill them with envy so deep that even the midlest accident thereafter can be attributed to their ‘jal ker nazar laga dena’.

The bride, however is not the only one in this desire, the whole household joins her happily. The family must look……ummmm…..well, ten times richer than they actually are.

Why? To gain mankind’s approval? But,

“…surely He does not love the extravagant.” Quran [Surat 7, Verse 31]

A friend of mine told me that her father is not giving her enough money to get an HSY wedding dress and she has to be contented with a sasta sa 70,000 rupees ka jora. I went ‘pooray sattar hazaaaaaar rupaaaay?!’



(Ever heard of the ghareeb awaam? Well, I must be ‘it’ because this sounds like a lot of money to me and only between you and me, it was me, that pepsi sasty karanay wali aunty :p)

It is my observation that we spend more time on putting price tags on other’s possessions than we do on appreciating our own and it really seems pointless to spend such huge amounts when we will still be looking and comparing and never satisfied.

We seem to look for excuses to spend money on, be them the hall decorations, the mehndi arrangements, the photographer or the special effects on the stage. The event planner told my aunt that we should have the ‘waterfall stage’, who, being her usual ghareeb awaam mentality wali self, replied. “je koi water wich dub ker mar gaya te utton janazay da we kharcha bhugtna paray ga” and thus politely declined the temptation offered.

Allah s.w.t  says of those He approves

“And [they are] those who, when they spend, do so not excessively or sparingly but are ever, between that, [justly] moderate.” -Qur`an [Surah Al Furqan, Verse 67]

Can one manage with a lesser amount? Absolutely.
Would one enjoy less with a smaller amount to spend? No, because there’s so much to do, there’s hardly any time to be self-conscious.

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w), while passing by a road, saw one of his companions, Saad, performing wuzu. He was using more water than required. So the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said: Why are you wasting water, O Saad?

Saad asked: Is there any Israaf in utilising water also?

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) replied: Yes, even if it is at the bank of a river.

Take a moment to think about how much you spend on this ‘magical day of union’, because when all is calculated and paid, the only magic fathers know is ‘crucio’!!!


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20 Comments to "Happily Ever After?Daddy`s Bank Account Begs to Differ"

  1. Je koi dub ke mar gia te 😀 😀 😀 Hilarious !

    Err dear writer , will you be able to afford simplicity on your own wedding ? :O :O :O

  2. Jaweria says:

    I love this article!
    Well delivered. Funny with a serious end. I agree with the writer completely.

  3. Hajrah says:

    Good job. MashaAllah.

  4. burq latif says:

    Wow Sarah!!! Loved the post 🙂 never knew u were so talented 🙂 simply enjoyed reading ur post 🙂 keep up the good work!!!

  5. Shumail says:

    Keep it up…

  6. Shumail says:

    Finally a piece of realization….Good job..keep it up

  7. Shumail says:

    Nice..Keep it up… Most of our customs are greatly influenced by other cultures…We grow up watching our elders participate in these customs and some young people confuse it by considering it their culture..I hope the new generation can go above and beyond the influence and spread realization within the community…However, in todays era, I think the western culture is or has started to have a big influence on people around the world…I wish people around the world can stop and realize that what they have is far more valuable then the western world…

  8. Maheen says:

    Loved the post, sarcasm at its best and very thought-provoking.

  9. fatima ahmad says:

    sarah this is amazing…satire at its best:) really looking forward to reading more..and by the way, loved ur references!

  10. ejaz ahmad says:

    Incredible Sarah Ahmad .Yu are more than a Writer .You made my day.Keep it up.

  11. ali says:

    saleha i wish she had the picture of u with u bombarded hair in there , we should have still got the picture of what the writer was tryna say buwahahah:P

  12. Saba says:

    A very interesting write Sarah, certainly a time well spend while on a T. I loved ur cat like expression, I was trying to graphically create a picture in my head lol…
    True but sad how extravagant weddings has deeply rooted in our culture. May Allah SWT give us strength to break through this obsession of spending unnecessarily on weddings and also to get rid of all those “tradition” that we have incorporated from other cultures. Ameen

  13. iffat says:

    well, it was a pleasure to read it,haam sab yeh jante howe bhi ke yeh sab fazool kharchi hai, phir hi yahi kuch kerte ja rahe hain, 🙁 i m waiting for that time jab log is per Amal bhi karaine ge,, inshaAllah

  14. Nabaa Qamar says:

    Yes, sarah baji you have written anaw some story!! Please keep on writing so we would be able to get some informarion!!!

  15. Ali says:

    Its was truley giggling very imaginative and well conceived but i found a spelling mistake Cinderella:P well done all
    The best for more this will do well tc

    • Saleha Shoaib Khawaja says:

      Ali Spelling mistake doesn’t really matter as far as u ll able to understand wat writter want to say… n I think everybody got the point… its an amazing effort… really imaginative, creative, authenticated, realistic and my praise goes on n on coz its Amazinggggggggggg!
      Aunty touch is mind blowing Sarah… love u sooo muchhh… God Bless u… mmmuuaaahhhhh

  16. Sameed says:

    Nice Sarah Baji!! Keep on posting the good work! 😀

  17. Sara says:

    haha I loved the aunt’s response !
    On a serious note, very well written and it was a good read specially in Ramadan as that is when most of us Muslims make a resolution to change ourselves. Starting with cutting down not needed expense is surely something we can all practice.
    This piece reminded me of a quote I read somewhere and it always hits me hard when I look around myself and compare my worldly possessions with their’s. It went something along these lines : When thinking about your hereafter (akhirah) always compare yourself with people higher in Taqwa than your’s, (this shall motivate you to do better) and when looking at your Dunya , always compare yourself with people who are less fortunate than you (so that you may gain humility, sabr and shukr)

    JazakAllah khair for writing this reminder in a beautiful way 🙂

  18. Khairo says:

    nice sarah

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