Complaint of the Qur’an

As an ornament do they adorn me,

Yes, they keep me and sometimes kiss me.


In their celebrations they recite me,

In disputes they swear by me,


On shelves do they securely keep me,

Till another celebration or dispute, when they need me


An amulet around the neck am I

Never descending into the heart, sigh!


Unfeeling hearts, eyes forever dry

Yet in gatherings, much read am I


Senselessly do they parrot me

Yet “great” do they deem me


Yes, they read me and memorize me,

Yet only an ornament am I.


No lesson do they take from me

No custom do they abandon for me


These slogans of devotion, these vows of dedication

Lies! Lies! For shallow are their utterances


Societies stagnant, system bereft

Still much “reverence” do they throw at me


My message lies neglected, my treasure untouched,

The field lies bare, where blossomed once true glory


Wrong is the treatment that I receive

So much to give have I, but none is there to perceive.


English rendition of “Qur`an ki Firyad by Mahir ul Qadri”


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4 Comments to "Complaint of the Qur’an"

    • malo says:

      asa wrt:) actually we only did it (rendition) partially. most of it was already translated on the web which we just happened to find alhumdolillah

  1. malo says:

    would take you 15 mins to understand the arabic since its sooo similar to urdu, as pakis most of us speak urdu, english and atleast one other local language pretyy well, not to mention the binary codes n all we learn to decipher as engineers and the hardware/software languages…. how long will understanding namaz take?=)

  2. ham says:

    Awesomely put down in words,for once i wish i could even say my namaz in words that really make sense to me except for the arabic which literally goes above the head..!!!

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