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Competition-I Want That Too!

It is interesting to observe in traditional cultures, especially in the Muslim world, that the marketplaces are comprised of rows of businesses dealing with the same product. In America, it would be considered foolish to open a business in proximity to a business already selling the same product. In Damascus, everyone knows where the marketplace […]

Dear Sister!

Dedicated to a Very Dear Friend, You Know Who You Are. My dear sister! Know that you leave me distressed, that my heart weeps for you! Know that when you cry, I cry!  Oh my sister! We may be far but know that I feel your hurt, your pain is mine! That your tears fall […]

Such Are the Days…

It appears it`s been ages since I have had this urge. This urge to write, to feel the swish of the pen flowing across a page, a page that only moments ago was blank. Oh the smell of paper and the feel of ideas just flowing out of an ink pen! And these winter nights! […]

Green with Envy

Dedicated to Fatima Altaf. (no she`s not green, we promise:P ) Be Warned! This will probably be a very mathematical post. Hasad: The worst of the diseases of the heart, The first of sins in the skies and the first of sins on Earth. (Dramatic much? Soaps tend to agree with us on this, judging […]

To Beard or Not To Beard? A Grammatically (And Socially) Incorrect Topic We Know

**This is a guest post. The writer is an engineer from NUST, a wanabee student of knowledge, an occasional blogger, a photography and digital arts enthusiast, a self proclaimed philosopher and a sports and adventure fanatic. A true jack of all, master of none :p.** (The writer`s own words and not the editor being judgmental, ya […]

The Hot New Mehram in Her Life…

**Dedicated to my awesome new family (masha`Allah). May Allah protect you all, give you everything you want in this world and the next<3 ** I have been married a month now alhumdolillah and of course I now consider myself an expert on the subject, believing from the bottom of my heart that the world can now […]

If You`re Happy and You Know It…Praise the Lord!

*Dedicated to Amma Wadi and my Dad* *Special Thanks to Fatima Altaf for pushing me to blog and Noor Saeed for proof-reading* The other day I received my registration from PEC (meaning I can now go around saying “hi i`m engineer malo, whats your name?” :-p) and well saying I was super-excited would be the […]

You`re Beautiful, Its True…

*Warning: Keep away from reach of narcissists. How many times do we look in the mirror and sigh/whine/dream for flawless skin, perfect hair, and hour-glass figures? All that stares back at us (or so we think) is fat that we like to call love-handles, pimples we try to convince ourselves are normal signs of puberty […]

Debunking Music Myths Part I-The Philosophers Talk Music

Even thousands of years ago, philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates understood the tremendous influence music has on its listeners. Aristotle and How Music Effects Emotions: “Music directly imitates the passions or states of the soul…when one listens to music that imitates a certain passion, he becomes imbued withthe same passion; and if over a […]

Man`s Flight

Man has always yearned to fly, to soar above the clouds, to glide in the skies, to feel the wind on his cheeks, merely to defy gravity. He made ships, he made planes, and he went into space. Yet he could not be like the smallest of birds, he could not fly, not literally. But […]

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