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Becoming a Naya Pakistani

By Umm Umamah (The writer is an Electronic Engineer from GIKI, and is currently a stay-at-home mom) “The eyes are shedding tears and the heart is grieved, and we will not say except what pleases our Lord.” [Rasul Allah (SAW) at the death of his infant son Ibrahim, as quoted in Sahih Bukhari]  Yes, we […]

License to Kill

This is a guest post by Ayaz R. an Electrical Engineer based in Islamabad. * A true account. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of  the people involved.* Fareeda bibi refused to give the dead body of Kausar, her daughter. She stood in front of a fleet of village elders who had come […]

Love or Arranged? The Inner Workings of The Rishta Brigade

This is a guest post by a writer who wishes to be known simply as Jawa. In her own words: “I`m doing my BBA, living at home, lone sister to a horde of brothers (5,masha`Allah), enforcer of justice in my crazy household. Scratch that. Describe me as an ordinary person. I’ve always thought one of the hardest […]

Happily Ever After?Daddy`s Bank Account Begs to Differ

This is a guest post by Sarah Ahmad. The writer has done her MBA from University of Peshawar and is an avid reader of all things readable (yes, soap wrappers ARE readable :p) and a not so prolific writer (regrettably so) of everything writeable. The writer takes an active interest in culinary arts and feels […]

To Beard or Not To Beard? A Grammatically (And Socially) Incorrect Topic We Know

**This is a guest post. The writer is an engineer from NUST, a wanabee student of knowledge, an occasional blogger, a photography and digital arts enthusiast, a self proclaimed philosopher and a sports and adventure fanatic. A true jack of all, master of none :p.** (The writer`s own words and not the editor being judgmental, ya […]

The Great Divide

**Guest Post by Nauman Abbas, a Network Engineer based in the U.K. The writer blogs at Living Like A Traveller** It hasn’t been much time I was just one of the typical teenagers of the society. And like any other human being all of us intrinsically want attention and appreciation. So did I. Every human […]

Why Spidey Was Right and Imran Isn`t…

Caution: Please note just in case some over-zealous Imran supporter wishes to take me on: I`M  F-A-T! “With great power comes great responsibility” And then he walks off looking all cool and nonchalant, as if doing the right thing comes naturally. Okay maybe it does, maybe our hearts ARE in the right place and most […]

A Perfect Marriage

**Guest Post by Ayaz Rajput, a Telecom Engineer from Islamabad who free lances as a writer** Sakeena has already knit seventeen dresses for her marriage; the one she is knitting now would be her eighteenth.  She knows how important it is for a girl to look special in the first few months of her marriage. […]

To Hijab or Not to Hijab: Say Whaaa

*Dedicated to Purnia Hasan (God is with the patient Purnia 😀 ) *Note: This article was wriiten by a wanna-be Black woman <insert irrelevant head-motion here>. *Special thanks to President Sarkozy-whats-his-name for making even my 150rs ka purple lacy scarf  from Gulf (the Bazar :-P) a symbol of revolution, world-wide.  ( o ya I`m going […]

I Oggle With My Little Eye

*Special thanks to Noor Saeed and Shiza Rizwan for their help with post name* Pakistani men are, by and large, oafs! Okay fine there`s … well you get the point. You don`t? When was the last time you visited a Pakistani Bazar? And I mean Bazar not some high-end mall or super-store where you look […]

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