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Loneliness sets in. Sometimes it’s the places your soul once knew. Sometimes it’s the people. And sometimes it’s the relationships you once had. Nostalgia is a painful thing. A glimpse, a smell, a particular high-pitched laugh, a whisper, a song, a hymn. Time. A sort of pain that carries over, and envelopes you in waves. […]

This thing called Grief & Learning to Traverse It

As you go through life, and the older you grow, the harder life gets.  There’s all sorts of pain, struggles and scars. Each one meant to move us, test us and mold us in different ways. The struggle is learning to sit with our pain, acknowledging it and allowing it to pass over, eventually. With […]

The Royal Fiasco

As I woke up today & dragged myself half asleep to our living room , I found my mother watching the royal wedding on TV. I was already looking down my nose on  this royal nonsense, partially owing to my coworkers bubbly (read:sickly) excitement about it for the last week and primarily because of the […]

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