As I lie on my bed, staring up at the ceiling fan, making apologetic sounds in the absence of electricity, I think about what probably every Pakistani is thinking about these days, Osama Bin Laden. I wonder at times what could have induced this diabolical man to leave the luxurious lifestyle of the typical Arab, and go to a war-ravaged country or even hide-out in Pakistan where there`s no bijli, no pani, no petrol (not that he needed any since he wasn`t going anywhere). Whether one hates the man or exonerates him, there is no denying the fact that he is probably the most talked about person of the last decade (okay, maybe next to Justin Bieber). But for me and my nation he and the Americans mean one and the same thing: DESTRUCTION. The Americans bomb our tribal areas, and call 72 kids dying at one place “an error in calculation”, Al-Qaeda bombs our cities and calls it “Jihad”. For us the saying “between the Devil and the deep blue sea” holds true. At least this man that the world calls a terrorist made no pretense at civility! But the Americans under the garb of civilization, the so-called “Patron of Civil Rights”, that “Champion of Human Rights” are no different!

On top of it last week’s operation has made even their staunchest supporters cry foul! Whilst we be-moan our hither-before unknown, so-called self-proclaimed “lost sovereignty” and the prime minister threatens “dire consequences” on any other such action, the headlines make a mockery of these words by another drone attack! For the headlines, Mr Prime Minister Sir, humbly beg to differ :

6 May 2011- US kills eight in Pakistan drone attack

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8 Comments to "Abottabad"

  1. malo says:

    well said saadi, and yes you`re right we actually DO need to follow the jews` example in this case

  2. saadi says:

    Nice job!=)…i just think that they carried out this raid with impunity not because our forces were not brave enough to stand up to them.But rather we were defeated by superior technology.And in order to stand up to them and the world at large,we have to be economically and militarily strong.And we need research in technology.Just yesterday Obama withdrew his statement regarding Israel making some compromises and returning to 1967 borders.Such is the power of economic strength the jews have in the world.And though we hate them to the core of our heart,we actually need to follow their example on this matter.

  3. malo says:

    thankyou for visiting farva<3

  4. Farva says:

    USA and Al-Qaeda are one and the same thing for us.and well its so unfortunate to have leaders and politicians like the one we have.well said malo.

  5. malo says:

    thanku:) n yes that totally makes sense…but doesnot explain the U.S efforts to shift the war to pakistan,or maybe thats just bluster?

  6. ham says:

    Excellent observation , and i must praise the effort whoever made the blog.
    The abbotabad ops was actually a part of a broader plan to withdraw the defeated US forces from the Afghan Theater of War and the Pakistani military was fully onboard in its execution.A year ago i read an Open Ed i the newyorktimes from a prominent figure at DC that Afghanistan has become a cage for the US and they are defeated in a ten year old expedition which gaved them nothing except the financial crisis and 100s of wounded and disabled soldiers.The price for the this WAR skyrocketed.So the best way for the US is to find a duplicate guy like OBL , Kill him Declare Victory and Pull out.That Exactly appears to be the scenario of execution.
    As Far as America’s Relation with Pakistan goes, they are prety much deep rooted with much of the top slot of any spher of influence in Pakistan can easily be found in there Uncle Sam’s Pocket.There may be public bashing, and yellow media point scoring on both sides but Pakistan’s importance for the US regional goals outweighs everything and the heavy weights at DC are aware of that.
    The OBL fiasco marks the beginning of End Game of the US to pull out from Afghanistan

  7. Anum says:

    cudnt have bin more ryt! good work malo…love ur blog already 🙂

  8. maniza aaqeb says:

    I hope some day this sleeping nation will wake up, and as true Muslim and true Pakistani will start to think and act. But before awaking others we need to be stop cribbing and crying on Govn failures and blunders and should start moving to show how strong A MUSLIM can be. We should all work to stop more DESTRUCTION of America and Americans ……….. DESTRUCTION DONE BY OUR OWN POLITICIANS.

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