Debunking Music Myths Part II: A Personal Journey

This is a guest post. The Writer wishes to remain anonymous. I can`t say anymore. Read on: I’m not deaf.  Neither are you!  I’ve got two ears.  So have you!  Alhamdolillah.  What a great, amazing blessing of Allah it is!  Let’s imagine for a moment that we were deaf.  Think: What would we miss out […]

Debunking Music Myths Part I-The Philosophers Talk Music

Even thousands of years ago, philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates understood the tremendous influence music has on its listeners. Aristotle and How Music Effects Emotions: “Music directly imitates the passions or states of the soul…when one listens to music that imitates a certain passion, he becomes imbued withthe same passion; and if over a […]

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