A Tale of Two Cities

This is A Guest Post Post By Abdullah Intekhab. In the Writer`s own words: I’m an Engineer; and no I cannot fix your TVs and DVD players. But I can, however, say the most random things and then later defend them with great zeal: that requires a lot of reverse Engineering I’m a student of knowledge […]

Love or Arranged? The Inner Workings of The Rishta Brigade

This is a guest post by a writer who wishes to be known simply as Jawa. In her own words: “I`m doing my BBA, living at home, lone sister to a horde of brothers (5,masha`Allah), enforcer of justice in my crazy household. Scratch that. Describe me as an ordinary person. I’ve always thought one of the hardest […]


**Guest Post By Ayesha Zaka, an MPhil student ( Biochemistry/Molecular Biology) at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.** These are a few pages from my diary. I wrote them six years back-when I was 17. I penned them down only so that I could preserve priceless memories. Even today, reading them gives mea n Eman rush- therefore, I consider these among […]

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